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Mychael has helped me to achieve goals that I, frankly, never thought possible.  I have been overweight since childhood and Mychael has helped me to lose 70 lbs!  In the first six months alone, I dropped 50 lbs through a combination of workout and nutrition programs provided by Mychael.  I’ve gone from 40%+ bodyfat to UNDER 18%!  Mychael’s been a joy to work with – he’ll push you but at a pace that is good for you and where you will see great results.

~Daniel C. – Musician


Mychael, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help in the past 3 months leading up to my wedding.  You have helped me feel and look my best, dropping 17 lbs and losing 12 inches.  I had to have my dress taken in two times, but I was ecstatic that I had to do so.  You’re the best!

~Laura B. 


I wanted to give you a shout-out because I stepped on the scale today and saw that I’ve lost, well, almost 60 pounds. This is in HUGE part due to YOU and the things you taught me so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! :-)

~Dana G. – EMT


Almost a year ago I was feeling fat, frumpy and insecure.  I hired Mychael as my personal trainer hoping to loose a few pounds.  He has helped me to improve my endurance, and balance, and increase my muscle definition.  Most importantly, he helped me to enjoy working out. He developed a nutrition plan that I could stick to monitoring my food diary for areas of improvement. 

 Mychael’s vast knowledge of physiology is refreshing. He focuses on proper form to avoid injury. Each workout is different, challenging and fun with a focus on improving core strength, muscle tone and stamina

 Nearly a year later I am so close to achieving my fitness goal, I can taste it.  I not only have more confidence and feel better about myself, all of my clothing is falling off of me. A year ago, I hated the idea of stepping into the gym, now I crave working out.  In the beginning, I started working out, with Mychael, two times a week. Now I workout three to five times a week. I’ve lost 13lbs and several inches off of my waist and hips.  I have never had so much muscle definition in my life. I look forward Mychael’s encouragement, he pushes me to push myself. I can’t wait to see what the next couple of months brings.

~Bridget G. – Nurse



This is, by far, the best thing I have ever done for myself!

 I have been working out with Mychael for 3 1/2 years now, and I credit him as the major reason I have improved my conditioning over this period of time.  My fitness level was above average, but as I got older it became more challenging :)   Not only have my stamina and balance greatly improved, but I feel stronger in my core than ever before.  At my age, I very much doubt I could have achieved this on my own without Mychael’s help. 

 Not only is Mychael quite knowledgeable about physiology, he has a genuine concern for the physical well-being of his clients and their achieving long-term health benefits.  He closely monitors posture and form to avoid injury, and he constantly emphasizes the importance of nutrition in the overall equation.  He helps you to reach your goals, whatever they are… With Mychael’s guidance and motivation, I have gained muscle, become more toned AND lost 21 pounds.  Talk about results! 

 While you can certainly go at your own pace during the workouts, Mychael still encourages you to push yourself to see if you can do even more.  He will suggest alternatives if you are unable to do a particular exercise due to past injuries, limitations, etc.  More importantly, he keeps the sessions energetic, interesting…and FUN!  We are always doing something different and working the ENTIRE body that includes balance and core strength, resistance, interval and endurance/cardio training.  I think Mychael is an excellent trainer who knows just how to push me in a way that makes me want to do more.  Can’t do better than that. 

 In short, I look forward to each session and leave both physically and mentally stronger – It is my favorite way to start the day.  While I’ve been inspired by Mychael, because of what he’s accomplished with physical fitness — He just completed an Ironman Competition — It is his personality and encouragement that keep me a loyal client.  Also, his experience and level of professionalism are truly exceptional.  I would recommend Mychael to anyone looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable trainer who can make getting stronger and healthier a fun and rewarding journey! 

~Susan L. – Office Manager


I have been training with Mychael for a year and a half.  He has helped me with both a workout regimen and a nutrition plan.  Not only have I lost 50 pounds, but I’ve kept it off over time thanks to all that I learned from Mychael.  What really sets him apart from other trainers in L.A. is his genuine concern for people’s health.  He’s incredibly knowledgeable.  Mychael’s not just collecting a paycheck – he truly cares about improving your life.  I highly recommend taking Mychael’s classes or private sessions if you want a total body workout and have fun while doing it.  You will look and feel amazing in no time!  Mychael is simply the best!

~Anne D.

I’ve been attending Mychael’s boot camp classes for over a year now and can honestly say he makes exercising both fun and rewarding !!!  When the alarm goes off at 5:30am, I just remind myself of the gorgeous landscape we meet at (beach at sunrise!) , the variety of exercises we do so it’s never boring, and the toned results I see afterwards.   You truly get a full body workout with every class.  And because he varies it up every time, the classes fly by.  In addition, Mychael is supportive, passionate and genuinely wants to see people be as fit and healthy as they can be.  He’s a great guy to have on your side no matter what your personal quest is. Whether you’re looking for weight loss, muscle toning, or general health and fitness…he can customize your training for you personally.  I’d work out with him every day if I could !!

~Glynna G. – Audio Engineer


We really love your class.  You are truly a motivational and spirited trainer.  Thank you again for being Fantastic!

~Ben D.


I started training with Mychael in April of 09. Since then I have lost close to 35 pounds following his simple nutrition and exercise programs. Mychael’s approach is simple: maximize content of calories consumed and exercise to build muscle. 

 I work with Mychael 3 times a week at his boot camps. Fun exercise that really works. The workouts are different every day so you never get bored.  While I am older than most participants I never feel as if I can’t keep up. Mychael pushes me to do my best but never pushes too hard. 

 The nutrition plan that Mychael put me on has worked wonders. I am much more conscious of the food I put in my mouth and the amount of calories I consume. He started me keeping a journal and the motto is “if you bite it, you write it!” it is amazing how the simple act of logging ones food intake can make drastic changes. 

I recommend Mychael to anyone who wants a healthier life. Whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain or better food knowledge Mychael is an expert!

~Theresa B. – Sales Rep


Mychael’s awesome.  I love him.  He’s what’s kept me coming back for over a year.  He’s terrific.  He mixes things up, it’s always different, you never know what to expect, I’m slightly sore all the time which I think means he’s working me to my capacity without debilitating me.  He’s encouraging, he pushes you when you’re slacking, cuts you slack on the days you just don’t have it in you.

~Heather H. – Television Writer/Producer


I owe my legs to you…

~Debbie P. – Model


Your class has really changed my life. Before I started the class, I had lower back pain, and my brother, who is a chiropractor,  told me that I needed to do more core training.  Since I started the class, I have lost approx 10lbs, my lower back doesn’t hurt anymore, and I am awake and energized the rest of the day.  So I just wanted to say thanks again.

~Mike S.


Boot Camp this morning ROCKED!!!  Amazing improvisation!

I’ve been going to your boot camp for over a year now.  Technically a west la class would be closer and more convenient, but we really love your motivation and feel very comfortable working out with you.  But I have to say, this was our best boot camp yet.

~Heather W. – Animator


I was hesitant to take a bootcamp-style class but ended up loving the classes taught by Mychael.  I have improved my strength, flexibility, balance and stamina while losing 20 pounds.  Mychael manages to keep the classes fun and challenging even as I continue to improve.  His classes are perfect for people of all fitness levels because he is in tune with his students.  Not only does he know his stuff, Mychael knows how to push you forward to reach your goals.  He’s a great trainer and a great guy.

~Brian D.


The class is difficult enough that I see and feel the difference, and easy enough that I dont feel like giving up. I actually look forward to it and want to continue. I have spent the past fw years doing what I wanted to do; I now am doing what I need to do.

~Tony F. – Construction Manager


Can’t wait to do your bootcamp…AGAIN!  Seriously, it toned me and helped me lose 10 lbs!

~Jessica N. – PR Manager


I’ve been doing Fit Club for over a year now, so obviously I LOVE IT! It’s the best decision I ever made for my health and well-being and it’s also fun. Nothing beats working out on the beach while the sun is coming up and the trainer, Mychael, is the best!!!!

~Bryan G. – VP Marketing


Just wanted to send you a little note to say thank you.  We absolutely LOVE your class and are excited about continuing. I can already feel muscles that I use to feel when I had a good workout with my prior trainer! Lol

I know you are probably use to complaining and whining, but we just wanted to say thank you for all of your efforts and guidance!

~Devon S. – Entrepreneur


I love going to your classes.  They are torturous but GREAT!

~Eleonor E.