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For the first time in history, our children will not outlive their parents. 17% of all children and adolescents here in the United States are battling childhood obesity. That’s triple the rate compared to just one generation ago. The Cycle Project is striving to reverse these statistics with a number of exciting initiatives. Our goal is to engage our kids through education, motivation and activation to get them excited about a healthy lifestyle.


Here are just a few of the ways we are working to break the cycle of childhood obesity:



  • Health Seminars around the country teach kids about healthy eating, cooking and the importance of proper exercise.
  • School Programs educate students on the importance of health, exercise and wellness.
  • Healthy Blogs feature ideas to help kids and adults live a cleaner, freer lifestyle.



  • Goal setting and celebrating helps kids focus on and be proud of their own personal achievements.
  • Discovering fitness passions allows kids to find their unique fitness path, keeping them committed and excited about their new lifestyle.
  • Parental role models are an important asset to a child’s health and we help motivate parents to lead by example, breaking the cycling of obesity across generations.



  • Tri to Stop Obesity brings the Cycle Project Team of triathletes to close to 30 triathlon races, offering health seminars, fit camps and more to get kids excited and motivated through competition. Are you a triathlete – or always dreamed of being one? We are putting together our 2012 Cycle Project Triathlete Team now. Join us today!
  • Cross-country bike ride will cover 6,000 miles and 3 months, bringing fitness education and motivation to cities across the U.S. Check out the map to see our route, which begins in 2013!
  • Fit Club Boot Camps offers free fitness training and coaching to kids and their parents in the Santa Monica area. Click here for more information.
  • The Cycle Project has partnered with schools and community organizations across the country to bring activities and fitness programs to students, right in their own schools and backyards. If you would like us to partner with your organization to help the kids in your community, contact us now.


The Cycle Project combines education, exercise and competition to empower children – and their families – to make better choices, not only for today but for tomorrow. It is our hope that this powerful, comprehensive approach will give kids the confidence, energy and enthusiasm needed to adopt meaningful changes to their eating and exercising habits.


Let’s end the cycle of childhood obesity together. Give our children the healthy start they deserve and help them begin the journey of a lifetime.


Please make your donation to The Cycle Project today.