Private/Semi Private Training | The Cycle Project

Private/Semi Private Training

Please contact Mychael for availability and to schedule private sessions.


LOCATIONS: Private sessions can be scheduled anywhere.

*Private Studio – Located close to Lincoln and Washington in Venice.  (Across from the Costco)

*Outdoors at the beach, in parks, etc…

*In your home or apartment complex gyms if that is your preference.



Private training sessions start at $75/hr.

For every increment of 8 sessions purchased, $5/session is discounted.

Sessions 1-8        -$75/session

Sessions 9-16      -$70/session

Sessions 17-24    -$65/session

Sessions 25+       -$60/session



If you would like to “share” your private session with up to 3 of your friends and workout partners (up to 4 people total), just ad $20 per extra person per session.  Its the perfect way to make private sessions more affordable while working out with your friends at the same time.  It also helps increase accountability outside of the workouts!

Example: If 3 people wanted to pay for one session the total cost would be $115 for that session. ($75+20+20) Thats only $38/person or HALF PRICE SESSIONS!