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New Year’s Fitness Tips

Its the start of a New Year and I am sure you have set a few health related resolutions.  Now, its time to achieve those resolutions.  Start the year and your resolutions off right; join our boot camp, sign up for private sessions, or get help with a nutrition program.  If you are committed to your goals, we can help you achieve them.

Healthy New Year!


1.) Make a Friendly “Bet”
Challenge a friend/family member to  a contest. The first person to drop 15 pounds, run a 6-minute mile, or bench- press 250 pounds wins. The key: Make sure it’s someone you really want to beat and put something on the line!

2.) Think About Fat
Your body is storing and burning fat simultaneously, but it’s always doing one faster than the other. Understanding that you’re getting either fatter or leaner at any one time will keep you body-conscious so you won’t overeat or underexercise.

3.) Keep a Schedule
Write down your errands and appointments on a regular basis and be sure to include your workouts! If picking up the dry cleaning and going to the dentist is worth scheduling, so is your workout…you will feel good after completing that task too!

4.) Make it Fun
We live in a fabulous part of the country.  When the elliptical machine becomes boring…time to look for some variety.  The gym is not the only place to get a great work out.  Schedule a weekend day hike or bike tour.  Pack  a healthy lunch and make a day of it.

5.) Seize the Day
If you fell off your program yesterday don’t beat yourself up. Instead, pick yourself up today,  just like you would your best friend if they fell.  Here’ a great analogy…If you are getting a carton of eggs out of your fridge and one falls on the floor and breaks, you don’t get mad and throw the remaining 11 eggs on the floor too!  You clean up the one broken egg and go on.  Same thing with healthy lifestyles.  If you have a bad meal or bad day, you don’t go the rest of the week in a slump and “Start on Monday”.  Clean up the one broken egg, and move forward the next meal or the next day!



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