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Is This The Best They Could Do?

You all know I Love and Respect Richard Simmons for his importance to the world of training.  But, HOW IN THE NAME OF ZEUS’ BUTTHOLE is this supposed to make anyone want to subscribe to Obamacare?  While this is supposed to inspire the younger generation to run of a sign up, I can imagine the only impact it has is laughter, or perhaps some crazy drinking game.

I love how the lady in the background is somehow trying to tie in a plug for getting insurance, but it in no way makes sense, similar to the dance moves and the entire project.   There is an entire 6 hours of performances, special guests and even a World-Record Attempt…of putting the most band-aids on someone’s face…if you have a few hours of your life to waste, or want to create that drinking game and get wasted!  Check it out here.


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