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How Healthy Is Your County?

How healthy is your county? Check out the County Health Rankings, created and maintained by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The website ranks the health of nearly every county in the nation by looking at a variety of measures that affect health (i.e., the rate of people dying before age 75, high school graduation rates, access to healthier foods, air pollution levels, income and rates of smoking, obesity and teen births), then compares and contrasts this information to that of other counties. Following are a few County Health

Ranking highlights:

  • People are nearly twice as likely to be in fair or poor health in the unhealthiest counties
  • Unhealthy counties have significantly lower high school graduation rates
  • Unhealthy counties have more than twice as many children in poverty
  • Unhealthy counties have many fewer grocery stores or farmers markets
  • Unhealthy counties have much higher rates of unemployment

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