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Get Consistent Results…FINALLY

Have you noticed a pattern?

You’ll spend a couple of weeks eating clean, exercising and losing weight, but then the pendulum swings and you spend the next week or two indulging in your old unhealthy habits.

After enough “chubby” days you’ll get back to your clean habits, and so the yo-yo goes.

It’s time to stop this vicious cycle that never brings you all the way to your goal – keeping you comfortable enough, while also completely frustrated.

The good news is that your yo-yo days could be quickly and permanently turned off with this simple mindset change.

Find your reward in the process, not in the results.

When it comes to weight loss, we’ve been brainwashed to focus all of our efforts on the “results”. Your desired result is the ideal “summer” body that you dream to have – it’s your reason for passing on dessert and the image you hold in your mind as you toil through burpees and mountain climbers.

News flash: If you only focus on finding rewards in the results, you’re likely to fail.


Think about it. Results are abstract.

Oh sure, you can picture that toned swimsuit body on the beach in your mind with crystal clarity, but what reach does that image have on you when you’re lured into the drive thru or have those late night cravins?

Let’s face it – future results are easy to lose focus on during current events and activities that we come across in our daily routines.

The Process: this is the act of working toward your goal – your meal plan, your exercise routine and your healthy life style choices.

If you had a map of where you are today (blue dot) and where you’ll be when you reach your goal (red dot) the process is that black line connecting the two.

When all you’re focused on to reinforce your journey is the promise of results, it’s easy to wind up lost.

Finding Reward in the Process: Make a new habit of feeling rewarded after every day on your chosen path.  Learn to find healthy habits, activities and new healthy foods as the reward you are after.  For me, there is nothing more rewarding than having the freedom of being out on my bicycle riding up the coast all by myself with just my thoughts and the ocean breeze.  I know that when I reward myself with this process enough times, my results will eventually happen.  But make the results the bonus to the rewarding process.

Let the completion of your healthy diet and exercise each day become its own reward. Look down and applaud yourself for each step forward.   As soon as you are ale to make that the reward, all of the results will happen on their own!

I’m passionate about helping you find your way to a healthy lifestyle.

Call or email today and I’ll get you started on an exercise program that will turn the process into a rewarding adventure.


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