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America’s children are in crisis and they need your support. We need children, parents, grandparents and concerned people across America, whether you are 15 or 105, to join the Cycle Project team. Help us break the cycle before it’s too late.

Your donation, no matter the size, makes a difference in the fight against childhood obesity. A few dollars, when multiplied by hundreds or even thousands of donors, has an enormous impact on the lives of children battling this deadly disease.

Donate right now to give a child the chance to experience the joys of an active lifestyle and the benefits of a healthy diet. Your donation, whether $5 or $105, moves us forward and allows Mychael Shannon to continue his mission, donating his time and expertise to schools and programs across America.

Help our children begin the journey of a lifetime – a long, happy and healthy one.



A movement like this one needs more than just monetary donations. We are always looking for people to support our cause in other ways, such as volunteering your time, joining our team of triathletes, or helping us create a new program in your community.

Contact Mychael Shannon now to get involved in transforming lives, body and mind.


Changing lives starts with one person – you. Make the decision today to change the lives of children, right in your own community. Mychael Shannon offers comprehensive program development to community organizations, helping the children (and parents!) in your community learn what it means to live cleaner and freer. Email us today for more information.