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Inspirational! Nothing is Impossible

Such a power story and yet, hardly any words spoken. ¬†Impossible truly isn’t in this vocabulary.

Yes, I realize that this is a commercial, but for me, the real story has nothing to do with that product.


What Motivates YOU?

The success or failure of your fitness routine heavily depends on the intensity of your motivation. In order to stick with it, even when it’s hard and you’re tired, you’ll need to fixate your mind on a single motivating thought. This may be a mental picture of what you will look like in your skinny jeans, the thought of how relieved you’ll be when the doctor give you a clean bill of health, or the reaction that your friends and family will give once you reveal the new you.

Discover what motivated you the most then direct your focus there. Bring this thought to mind whenever you feel like giving up and going back to your unhealthy lifestyle.


Elite Physiques & The Cycle Project

Elite Physiques & The Cycle Project