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Amazing Christmas Surprise For Passengers

014410Some Westjet employees pulled off an amazing Christmas surprise for their passengers flying out of Toronto.  Imagine how much better your holidays would be if that was your flight.  (Yes, I realize this is a promo for Westjet…And a genius marketing promo at that.)

Now imagine if the 10 million plus people who have watched this on Youtube practiced some kindness and did something small in an effort to make someone else’s holiday special like Westjet has (and even after the holidays).  It wouldn’t have to be such a large gesture like buying them a phone or TV, but what about smiling at a stranger and wishing them a happy holiday, holding the door for someone with their hands full or even paying for a random stranger’s cup of coffee.

Humanity just might be able to prevail in the midst of all the negativity surrounding us these days.


Happy Holidays


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